Glossary for "Invasion of the Alien Snatchers"

The Egg Self-explanatory
Jack in the Box Effect when something jumps out of the Egg
Face Hugger Symbiotic critter; looks like an arthropod
Chest Buster Effect when something crashes out of a body
Little Lad That which crashes out of the body
Tall Chap Again, self-explanatory
Tongue Lashing That trick the Tall Chap could do, usually with an extra mouth on the end of the tongue.
Queen Insectoid variation of the Tall Chap with funky headgear
LV426-land Hostile planetary environment
Pull a Kane To become a Chest Bustee
Ash (verb) To know what is really going on, but not telling
Parker/Brett Petty employee who should wear a red shirt
Mother Computer that speaks with a female voice
Joneser Missing character that has to be found
Newtral Found character
Bishop Helpful non-human