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Cynicism at its Broadest!

Series Crashes on Takeoff: Pilot Error

New!  "Pilot error" can have tragic consequences.  In this case, the sad result can seen in some Small Stuff about Good Against Evil (1977).

RecentProfessional "nice guy" Tommy Kirk is the bad guy, professional "femme fatale" Yvonne Craig is the nice girl, and professional "bargain boss" Larry Buchanan is the filmmaker.   Somebody may need professional help when Mars Needs Women (1967), and it's only part of a B-Master's salute to one of our favorite filmmakers. 

  Just keep telling yoursefl: It's almost a movie.  It's almost a movie. It's almost...

Recent!  The challenge: Watch several rip-offs of a specific movie in one sitting and then write a short review of each of them.  The result: An unusual piece called "Invasion of the Alien Snatchers."

In Progress!  We are redoing some of the graphic layouts in individual B-Notes.  This is a time consuming task, and although it is really only a minor makeover, we feel it will make a big enough difference to warrant the effort.

Coming Soon!  A strange man with a thing for blood transfusions makes life eventful for a nurse.  Why?  Because he's Not of This Earth (1957)..

Coming Soon!    Some of our readers have sent us email regarding some of our articles.  Many of these messages have been knowledgeable, insightful, and entertaining, but we still haven't shared them with the rest of you.  Why?  Maybe because we're selfish or lazy or something.  But this heinous oversight will be corrected.  (Caveat: We've been promising this for over a couple of years now.  Rome wasn't pulled down in a day, y'know.)

We still have only a handful of exhibits on display for your consideration and entertainment.  But fear not!  As we speak, the enigmatic Apostic is squeezing the life from his brain into another exhibit.  So be careful about touching the displays; you don't know where they've been.

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Updated 18 July 2003