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B-Fest Diaries

The armies of Jabootu climb mount unendurable...

*NEW!!* B-Fest 2002 Schedule is IN!
You may or may not know that the macho among us like to do B-Fest the hard way: No peeking at the schedule in advance.  For those of you that don't quite have the intestinal fortitude to step over such a gauntlet, click here for the complete schedule.

What's This B-Fest thing I Keep Hearing About?
If you're much acquainted with the culture of Jabootudom, you've no doubt heard the phrase "B-Fest" bantered about more than once.   This section, my friend, holds your opportunity to take a peek into the strange yet wonderful world that is... "B-FEST".

So What's It Like?
Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then it must logically follow that 1,000 words is also worth a picture.  Therefore, the following articles should provide the value of 38,234 words (32,234 words plus 6 pictures, not counting duplications @ 1,000 word-value each = 38,234), or about 38 pictures for those of you who are more comfortable thinking in those terms. These memoirs are from regular folk just like you (well, sort of) who have experienced this phenomenon themselves.   Jabootu hopes they will assist you in forming your own mental picture to define the experience. 

Only -3560 days 'til B-Fest 2007!!!

The best way to know B-Fest, however, remains to do B-Fest; thus, the following instructions:

Thinking About Attending Next Time?

B-Fest traditionally takes place the last weekend in January, at the Norris University Center on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. The Northwestern Campus is approximately four miles north of the Chicago city limits along Lake Michigan.

Food and non-adult beverages may be carried in to the theater; Jabootu asks that you help maintain his "clean" reputation by bringing enough garbage bags to hold your empty consumable containers. 

Also note that persons under 18 are sometimes excluded, and other times required to leave during Evanston curfew hours.  If this pertains to you, it would behoove you to check out the policy before planning a road-trip to Evanston.

Non-Chicagoans may wish to be aware that it's traditionally colder than hell on Lake Michigan on B-Fest Weekend... longtime attenders will bear witness to the kind "snap back to reality" that this phenomenon provides the weary B-Fest finisher.   Anyway, be prepared for sub-zero temperatures and snowdrifts.

Weather Report
Campus Map
Building Map

NOWFF The New Orleans Worst Film Festival:

All you members of the Nation of Jabootu, hear this:  Jabootu, the champion of mediocrity, is also a humanitarian - and what better way for him to fulfill all of his mission than to help support the New Orleans Worst Film Festival?  This event's purpose is to raise food, money and awareness for the Second Harvester's Food Bank, and it has the most desirable side-effect of raising awareness of badfilmophilia at the same time.

Crystal Guillory, the event's vice-president, has promised a recap of the most recent incarnation of that event for your reading pleasure.  One prominent Jabootuite made a 12-hour marathon drive to Louisiana to attend the event as well, and you may want to consider doing the same next time around!

Until we have more on this for you, stop by NOWFF's most gorgeous website at for more info.